5 Fatal Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make During a Job Interview

5 Fatal Mistakes You Shouldn't Make During a Job Interview

The interview is a thrilling moment for many people. Especially for those who are doing it for the first time, interviewing someone from a pgsoft slot company in a formal setting can be a little daunting.

One of the reasons is that we don’t have any experience and don’t even know what to say when dealing with an interviewer. Because they do not have experience, it is not uncommon for applicants to also make many mistakes that make them unable to pass to the next stage, including the 5 fatal mistakes below.

1. Arrive late from the appointed time

Showing up late is the first thing you shouldn’t do when you come for an interview. In addition to making you unable to get ready, arriving late will also give a bad impression on the company. After all, most companies always provide an interview schedule at least three days in advance.

The goal, of course, is so that you can more freely arrange your schedule so that on the D day there is no more reason to be late. And even if you can’t come on that day make sure you call the company so they can change the interview schedule to another day.

2. Asking for information about the company

When you are conducting a job interview, avoid asking for information about the company. Even if your intentions are good, it will only give the impression that you were never really interested in the company. Instead of asking, it would be better if before the interview you search for information yourself either through the internet or ask someone about the company you are going to.

Believe me, even though the information you have is limited, it will make you look more convincing than other applicants.

3. Asking about salaries, bonuses, company policies, overtime, to promotions

You are certainly curious about how the company treats its employees. But no matter how curious you are, you should keep this question to heart at least for a while.

Remember, you have just gone through the initial selection, rather than busy figuring out the salary and benefits it would be better if you try to convince the interviewer that you deserve a place in their company. After all, if you are accepted, they will definitely explain all the information before you sign the contract.

4. Badmouthing the previous company

4. Badmouthing the previous company

Your previous boss might be an annoying person, or it could be that the company you work for only gives you a small salary. But just because you’re upset doesn’t mean you have to spill everything over to a new company.

This will actually make the interviewer judge you as someone who cannot be trusted. They think, if you can easily talk bad about the old company then there’s no guarantee you won’t do the same to them in the future.

5. Ending the interview too soon

Besides arriving late, it’s also very rude to end the interview before they actually finish. Okay you may have other events to attend, but believe me it would be better if you cancel the next event instead of cutting the interview. If you are desperate, you can be sure you will not pass to the next stage.

In addition to the five things above, you also have to be polite in front of the interviewer, right! Even though the atmosphere during the interview seems relaxed and fun, you have to keep your attitude. Don’t just because a trivial mistake makes your opportunity to work closed forever.

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