How to Answer Frequently Asked Personal Questions at a Job Interview

How to Answer Frequently Asked Personal Questions at a Job Interview

The interview stage can be said to be the most crucial stage and the most influential in determining whether or not you will be accepted to work in the company where you apply for example if you apply in judi ion casino company. That’s why our attitude and the way we answer questions when in the job interview process is very important to pay attention to and maintain.

But, apart from questions about skills, education and work experience. There are several types of personal questions are also asked. The goal is none other than to assess whether your character and personality are suitable or not to join the company.

Well, so that I can continue to answer in a straightforward and convincing way when suddenly asked personal questions. Here are some examples of personal questions that are often asked during job interviews and tips on how to answer them:

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What Are Your Weaknesses?

This question usually comes after questions about ‘tell yourself’ and ‘what are your strengths’. Of course this will come as a bit of a surprise, because preparing an answer to a question like this is unthinkable.

But the purpose of this question is solely to find out how you deal with the existing problems and how to overcome them. Answer honestly, whether it’s in terms of your emotional qualities such as a little temperament or quickly panicking or in terms of habits such as having difficulty getting up early or being in a hurry.

By answering honestly, you and the company can discuss it together and find solutions on how to overcome the company’s culture and system if you are accepted to work at the company.

Why Quit Your Old Office?

When asked this question, don’t just answer honestly, but consider it first. If you leave because of personal problems, it is better for you to change to more professional-looking answers such as ‘want to find a new atmosphere’, ‘want to find a better one’ or ‘want to try new experiences/challenges’.

Be careful when answering this one question, answer in a calm manner to make it look convincing. Even if you have to be honest, say it in polite sentences such as ‘the company’s vision and work system is no longer suitable or does not suit me’ or ‘my leader already has implemented a new vision and system in the company that is no longer in line with me’.

Why Choose This Major in College?

Why Choose This Major in College?

It does sound strange, because why bring up the problem of past college choices to the business of applying for jobs, especially if you have previously worked and have sufficient experience.

But this question is shown to find out your passion for what you choose. There are many cases where educational background and type of work are unrelated. So if you just answered simply like ‘because it looks like fun’, ‘because the major is popular’ or ‘because the field of work is wide’ it could make you look like a person who is half-hearted in doing something or ‘just just doing it’.

But if you answered something like ‘because I like drawing and design, I decided to major in graphic design’ or ‘because I like interacting with other people and working in a team so that public relations is the most suitable major for my personality’ with this answer you will look very optimistic and will try to do their best because if they have done what they enjoy, difficulties seem not only difficulties but can be ‘fun challenges’.

Have you ever had a problem with a co-worker in your previous company?

If you are asked the following question, you can answer honestly if it is related to work such as ‘Me and a coworker had an argument about marketing strategy and….’ but you also have to explain how you and your co-workers found a solution and finally came up with it. unite their minds so that they can work well together in the end.

The purpose of this answer is not only to see what your personality is like when it comes to work and how you will later establish a professional working relationship with coworkers in the office.

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What Does a Job Mean to You Personally?

If suddenly given such a question, answer honestly but wisely. Don’t just answer to ‘make money’ but include answers that in fact work has a positive impact on your life such as ‘a place to study’, ‘make a good professional relationship’, ‘a place to be able to give maximum ability in yourself’, just adjust accordingly. with what you really felt at that time.

Answers that truly describe your intention and sincerity to the company that you can indeed carry the burdens and responsibilities that will be given later if you will be hired.