Questions for interviewing a sales manager wm casino

Questions For Interviewing A Sales Manager

When an employee wm casino gets a promotion, they are usually happy. He felt proud because his efforts and hard work were rewarded by the company with a promotion. For example, from a supervisor to a manager.

However, it is different from the sales manager position. This position is relatively not very attractive. Because there are significant differences from the previous main task. From a sales team that makes direct contributions to a manager who is more in charge of managing the team.

Base salary will probably be higher, but other income from sales commissions will certainly sag. Because a sales manager no longer directly meets consumers to get sales.

Therefore to get the right candidate, there must be a special trick in interviewing prospective sales managers. So that the candidates who are obtained later are the best and are able to increase sales even better.

What are the questions? Here are good questions to ask when interviewing a sales manager candidate

1. Tell me about yourself

Tell me about yourself

This is indeed a common question asked of a prospective employee. From the level of ordinary employees to the level of managers. But the answers that emerge are still useful for assessing sales manager candidates.

Pay close attention to how long this prospective manager has been talking about his work experience or complaining about his past. The longer they talk, the more things can be explored and known by the HRD team.

Find the main reason they applied for the job from the stories they got. So you will know how strong the candidate wants to occupy the position.

2. What do you like and don’t like about the sales process?

Every employee who works in the field of sales must have a pleasant or annoying experience. They have their own opinion on the experience gained during being a member of the sales team.

From the stories obtained, the HRD team will get an idea if the candidate will be able to carry out the role of manager or not. Because managers will definitely be demanded more to maintain and even increase the company’s sales value.

Make sure, the candidate will be comfortable taking on new duties as manager if he is elected later. Don’t forget to ask about their strategy when you are already working as a sales manager.

3. How important is money to you?

How important is money to you

This is also an important question when interviewing a prospective sales manager. Why? Because you can find out the candidate’s main orientation at work. Moreover, there is a possibility that the sales manager will experience a decrease in income that is usually obtained from commissions.

Money is important, even for everyone. However, when a prospective sales manager makes money an orientation, he or she will never be a good fit for the position.

Those who are money oriented are better directed as the main sales staff. Or as an employee who can contribute personally, not at the managerial level.

4. What do you think are needed in terms of skills and qualifications to be a successful salesperson in this organization?

The main job of a sales manager is to keep all team members at their best. This question will provide quite important information in selecting a prospective sales manager.

The skills and qualifications that candidates demonstrate will be very important to better understand their suitability for the position of sales manager. If it is in accordance with company standards then he can be recruited. If not, better find another candidate.

5. What did you think become a good leader

What did you think become a good leader

Sales manager positions still require qualified leadership skills. Because a sales manager must be able to lead by example and inspire the entire sales staff.

The target of this question is twofold. First, you’ll want to know the candidate’s managerial style and the employee’s goals.

Second, you’ll also understand how deeply they research your company and the sales team in particular. So you can find out if he deserves to be a sales manager.