5 Examples of Reporter Job Interview Questions That You Must Know

5 Examples of Reporter Job Interview Questions That You Must Know

Facing a job interview as a reporter on slot spadegaming site? You should find out what the reporter profession job interview questions are in this article!

The interview stage is indeed one of the stages that needs to be well prepared.

Especially if you are very interested in becoming a reporter, of course you have to give your best in this process.

What are some commonly asked questions during a job interview for a reporter position?

Come on, see the points below!

1. What attracted you to the reporter profession?

This type of question aims to let the interviewer know whether you are really interested in the reporter profession or not.

They want to know if you have great enthusiasm for this profession or are just trying it out.

Currently, to become a reporter does not always require graduates of journalism or communication science only.

Quite a lot of media allow graduates from various fields to apply, as long as they have good skills in the field of writing and delivering news.

To answer this question, you can tell why you are interested in becoming a reporter.

Just tell the truth, for example, reporter is one of your dreams since you were little or because reporter is a cool profession in your opinion.

There are things you need to remember, discuss your understanding of the advantages and responsibilities of this one journalistic profession.

So you can give a reasonable reason and the interviewer will know if you are really interested in this profession.

2. How do you stay updated with the latest news developments?

Reporting from Live Career, questions like this will also often be asked in reporter job interviews.

As a reporter, of course, you will be required to always follow the latest news.

Therefore, you should also prepare an answer to this question.

Tell me where you got the news or the latest news, whether from social media, reading online news, or TV.

However, at this time the news is most quickly obtained through social media.

So, if you are not someone who regularly opens news channels, at least be someone who is actively looking for trends and information on social media.

Especially if the position you are applying for is a lifestyle or entertainment reporter. So, things that are viral and discussed on social media are very important to know.

In addition, usually you will also be asked about what credible news sources do you think.

3. What topics are most interesting to you?

According to Betterteam, a reporter especially for print and online media must be skilled in conducting research and writing articles on various topics.

Starting from the topic of politics, economics, entertainment, or lifestyle, you must be able to master it if you apply at a large news agency.

The reason is, you can get different tasks because of the task rotation.

So, if you were previously given the task of writing an economic topic, it can be replaced to write about lifestyle.

Therefore, when you get questions like this, you can answer them honestly about your writing skills.

If you are the most confident and confident by writing a lifestyle topic, you can immediately tell it. Especially if you have achievements when writing lifestyle topics.

For example, your writing can enter the first page of Google without boosting ads, of course you have to tell the interviewer.

So when answering these types of job interview questions for reporters, it’s best to be honest about a topic that you are good at.

Don’t forget to mention also if you want to learn to write other topics.

By being able to write on all topics, you can definitely become a good reporter and continue your career to the top as Editor In Chief.

4. Do you dare to ask questions that are uncomfortable to the speaker?

As Indeed mentioned, reporters will usually also get questions such as whether they dare to ask the interviewer something uncomfortable.

The purpose of conducting interviews with informants, of course, is to obtain as clear information as possible.

Reporters are required to always be objective and dare to ask in detail about the topic being discussed.

There are even times when reporters have to ask about things that could make the interviewee feel uncomfortable.

If the question for the interviewee is still polite and does not violate the code of ethics, of course, the question may be asked.

However, if the question is too cornering the source, then it is not a good point to do.

So in answering this question you need to be careful because it requires a wise answer.

Becoming a reporter is not only asking questions, but also needs to think about the sources. If they really don’t want to talk about it, then they can’t be forced.

5. How do you deal with tight deadlines?

For a reporter will definitely be faced with a tight deadline. Not a few reporters who easily feel stressed because of deadlines.

You will definitely get this question when doing a job interview for a reporter. So, you have to prepare the answer well.

There are several ways you can do to calm yourself down when facing a tight deadline.

According to the Singular blog, you need to calm yourself down when dealing with pressures like taking deep breaths and starting to prioritize work.

Facing tight deadlines can indeed make us overwhelmed and even feel stressed at work.

However, when you get questions like this during an interview, you should tell them what you will do to deal with the stress of deadlines.

For example, you can tell your experience when facing a deadline when working at a previous place.