7 Tricks for Answering Questions What’s Your Lack? “During a Job Interview

7 Tricks for Answering Questions

During the interview, have you ever been asked “What are your strengths?” To answer that, most of you will definitely show how professional you are at work. Specialy you have do to interview on demo slot microgaming company.You will convince the recruiter not to choose another candidate, but you. Maybe for you, this question is not too difficult to answer huh.

Then what if what is being asked is your weakness or weakness? Surely you hesitate to reveal everything, right? The only reason is fear of not being accepted into the company.

Don’t answer the answers if you don’t have weaknesses, you know. Why? There was no way someone would not have weaknesses. You should still answer as is, but with a few tricks. This question is given because the recruiter wants to see your honesty and how much you know yourself. Also, are you the type who wants to keep innovating to be better or not. So, be careful in answering yes.

There are a number of strategies you can use to ensure that your weaknesses won’t make recruiters hesitate, but more confident. Anything?

1. Choose something that is safe

Try to pick one or two weaknesses that won’t get you disqualified by the recruiter. More or less tolerable flaws in the work of the world. Don’t be like: “I am stubborn, clumsy and can’t work in a team.” Remember, don’t overdo it! The use of the word ter-, for example, termalas, is weakest. Then, don’t do negative words.

2. Show how you handle things

Give an example of a problem you have faced. It’s not a problem of life, yes, but it’s safer what you have to go through while working. For those of you who just graduated, you can mention that when you organize. Describe any difficulties you felt during the case. Then, what strategies do you use to solve these problems. Tell stories that are truly meaningful, which shows that you are responsible, hardworking, and cannot be trusted.

3. Describe something that used to be your weakness

For example, “I always work on calculations. I took Ms. Excel and bookkeeping courses. After exploring fatigue, I find it helpful when quantitative analysis project situations become easier. I can show you the report that I worked on to you. “

4. Educational background

If your educational background is not quite the way you are applying, usually the applicant doubts you a little. Try to make sure by showing something like:

“My background is Biology, but I have been freelancing several times as a beauty writer. I also follow the development of the world of beauty because I often attend similar seminars. Apart from that, my hobby in my spare time is exploring and reading about beauty. “

5. Show weakness as strength

Tell your shortcomings in a positive way. How to? For example:

“That said, I am a perfectionist when it comes to work. This trait sometimes makes me spend more time than necessary on a task. Even so, but I still pay attention to the dateline. With this, I really care about the details and believe that what I’m doing is right. I became more confident when I finished other assignments. “

6. Make comparisons

In the book Interview Strategies That Will Get the Job You Want, Andrea Kay says that this question is indeed full of traps. At the same time, you have to “sell yourself” too. He suggested making comparisons or linking one’s weaknesses with others. For example, “I become impatient when my team is not good at taking initiatives.” There will still be a plus, right?

7. Convey the pluses

When mentioning your weaknesses, don’t forget to add “… but I keep trying to improve.”. Also tell what you did to overcome your weaknesses.

Practice answering questions like these so that you don’t get clumsy anymore. Give a wise answer because this question is also a measure of your intelligence in doing diplomacy. Show that you are a person who is happy and fast learner, and has high enthusiasm for progress.