Types of Psychological Test When Entering Work

Types of Psychological Test When Entering Work

When you are about to face a college exam for college, certain school or job selection, a psychological test / psychological test will usually be one of its own challenges, there are many types of psychological tests that are usually tested.

However, it should also be noted that not all campuses, schools or companies apply a psychological test in recruiting students or employees.

In addition, you will usually face psychological test questions when applying for work to become employees at a company. For example, the reasoning logic test, image matching test, image logic test, psychological arithmetic test, and many others contained in the psychological test.

Maybe almost all companies apply a psychological test system to their prospective employees. Because the psychological test itself is useful for determining a suitable position or position for the prospective employee itself, and of course according to the criteria sought by the company.

Therefore, the psychological test is considered important and really needs to be applied in order to achieve the target of finding new employees according to the needs of the company.

Before you know what the types of psychological tests are, it’s better to know the history of the word psychological test first. Psychological test itself comes from the word physico which means mental physical and test which means exam or test. Taken together, they denote the method used to obtain the psychological results of the person taking the test.

Simply put, we have to undergo a series of psychological tests to find out some of the criteria needed by the company, such as mental condition, basic abilities (IQ, IE or language and reasoning skills).

This test is supported by a system or tool that has a special category, and can only be carried out by someone who has knowledge in that field, in this case the psychological test. Psychological tests themselves can show a person’s character and attitudes in terms of interests, intelligence, personality, and attitude.

After knowing the history of the word psychological test, now is the time for you to know what types of psychological tests and how to work them:

# 1. Types of Arithmetic logic reasoning psychological tests

This test method is usually filled with a series of 2 D to 3 D images. It aims to determine a person’s ability to analyze and also understand a certain pattern.

Of course, this type of psychological test results is very useful for companies. Because by knowing the ability of prospective employees to analyze and understand certain patterns, companies can get employees according to the required standards.

The way of doing it also requires special tricks, for example

Don’t just focus on arithmetic or measuring series in calculations, you should see all numbers with a wider viewpoint. Because in a long number series problem, the 3 to 5 numbers you see do not guarantee that you can give the correct answer.

Don’t waste your time focusing on the problem only, because you still need to remember that your time is limited.

# 2. Types of psychological tests “Wartegg Test”

Wartegg Test

At first glance, the name of this test is a bit ridiculous. However, it is actually called the test wartegg because the inventor is named Ehrig Wartegg, a psychologist from Germany.

In this test you will find 8 squares with different patterns. Usually the squares contain a pattern of dots, lined straight lines, plumb lines, curved lines, two irregular lines, small black squares, curved lines, circular dots, and many others.

These patterns have different meanings, here are some of the advantages of each of these patterns:

> Small Point: Describes the agility, or center of something
> Lined Straight Lines: Desire to improve, try to draw a ladder
> Perpendicular Lines: Describes your accuracy in solving problems
> Curved Lines: Wisdom as well as greatness
> Small Black Box: Reflects such a strong Construction.
> Point Range: Careful Treatment of a thing or thing

The way it works to be able to pass the wartegg test on this one is quite easy, here’s how:

A. As much as possible keep your exam paper in clean condition
B. If you are going to start doing this test, you should not start from box number 5. Because in psychological science, it is possible that the person (male) who takes it from box number 5 has a sexual disorder.
C. We recommend that you do this one test in sequence or don’t be too messy. For example 1-2-5-4-3-6-8-7
D. Understand the meaning and meaning of each pattern first

# 3. Type of psychological test “Analog Verbal Test”

Analog Verbal Test

This test usually consists of 40 questions, where these questions contain the antonym / synonym / analogue of a word. The function of this test is to determine a person’s ability to face a condition. Besides that, it also serves to assess how far you guess and understand the cause and effect of a problem.

The way to do it is quite easy, namely always concentrate and always use your logic. But if you have a problem with these two things, there are other ways to pass this one test. Namely bypassing by memorizing some examples of the problem. Because very often the questions given in this test are relatively the same.

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