Tips for Facing Tests in the Middle of a Pandemic

Tips for Facing Tests in the Middle of a Pandemic

Heyyo guys! How are you? I hope you always stay healthy, guys! Don’t think exam season is getting closer, huh.

Many high schooler in indonesia take too much time to relax and play (online gambling) while the teacher is teaching from online class.

It cause lack of focus and lost of interest in studying but still, the exam is coming just right on the corner.

of course many of you are confused about how to deal with exams right? Starting from the material, questions, to learning time management.

So, just take a look at some study tips for dealing with exams in the midst of this pandemic!

Here is the 5 tips you can follow:

Here is the 5 tips you can follow:

1. Learning methods and media

Everyone must have different learning methods and media, guys. It is very important for you to know the methods and learning media that are suitable for you.

By knowing the appropriate learning methods and media, it can improve your learning outcomes.

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2. Make sure to study at the right time!

For those of you who want to study for exams, you really have to know the right time, guys! Determine the duration of study for each material, so that your focus is not divided.

In addition, good time management can keep you focused and give you time to rest.

You must be tired if you continue to study? so, manage your time as best you can so you can still have time for other activities.

3. Learn the overnight speeding system? Not really!

Eitsss, this is one of the important problems and definitely happens among students! For those of you who are still learning with the overnight speeding system, try not to do a learning system like this anymore, guys.

Why can’t you just learn the overnight speeding system? This overnight speeding system is not good, guys, because it can make you lack rest time and not be optimal the next day.

Of course, if you don’t have enough time to rest, you may not focus on the exam the next day.

It’s a shame if you already study but you don’t even focus on exams? Let’s start reducing a learning system like this huh!

4. Adequate rest time

For you students, it is really important to take a break. If your rest time is lacking, then you can easily lose focus, guys.

A fit and fresh body condition when the exam can help you to take the exam calmly and relax.

5. Check understanding? Just join the Campuspedia try out

Already studying but not sure if you understand? Pandemic conditions make it difficult to check understanding? Don’t be confused guys.

Let’s immediately register for the Campuspedia try out, so you can know your understanding through this online try out.

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Well, that’s how much tips for facing exams for you guys. Keep up the spirit and don’t forget to take care of your health, guys!

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