These Examples of Questions and Tips for Answering Psychotest Questions

These Examples of Questions and Tips for Answering Psychotest Questions

Psychological test is one application that is often applied by large companies or large companies that are still included in startup companies like the biggest company casino online indonesia. Psychological tests work to recognize the character of a person such as his attitude, personality, interests, and also his intelligence.

The results of the psychological testing are welcomed to determine whether you are suitable to be accepted to work in the company or not. There is no right or wrong term in doing psychological test questions, which is only suitable for you or not to work with the company or position / position needed.

In general, there are 7 types of psychological tests that you have to work on. These questions need to be considered and each one of the psychological test questions will each be given time to finish. Now, so that you prepare more carefully, you will apply for this work, a number of psychological test questions for the work selection test, which you should also see for tips on how to prepare it:

1. Psychological Test for Verbal Ability

This verbal ability test includes synonyms (synonyms), antonyms (opposite words), analogies and correlations of meaning. This test is to find out your ability to discuss a requirement. It also works for long discussions as you guess and solve the cause and effect of a problem.

To do this test, you must consider as much as possible the vocabulary and also its meaning. Usually the test consists of 40 questions, where the questions contain antonyms, synonyms, and analogues of a word. For this test you also have to be clever about logic and high power saving to work well.

Here is an example of a psychological test for verbal ability:

Example Questions for Word Equations


Can not sleep
The fact
The answer: Can not sleep

Example Questions for Word Opponents


Piling up
Traffic jam
Answer: Pygmy

Example for Analog Problem

Car – Gasoline = Runner – ….

The track
Answer: Food

Gasoline is a source of energy for cars, while food is a source of human energy.

As additional tips, try to do things easier for you. So that if the time to solve the problem is up and you cannot do all the questions, at least the results for the questions that have been done can you make sure the answer is correct.

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2. Wartegg Psychological Test

This wartegg test is the findings of Ehrig Wartegg, a psychologist from Germany. This test is to find out the character in you. Such as the ability to solve problems, tenacity, how to adapt, flaws and so forth.

In this test you will be given a paper containing 8 boxes that have different patterns, ranging from curved lines to a point. Your task is to draw from the continuation of the patterns in the problem in accordance with your imagination and creativity.

Problems example:

Wartegg Psychological Test

How to do it you try to do in accordance with the order of images 1,2,3 – 8 from left to right. For the adam people avoid drawing the 5th box (below the first top box from the left) as the first choice, because it can make the examiners assess abnormalities in your sexual orientation.

3. Arithmetic Logic Psychological Test

If you apply for a position that involves a lot of calculating activities with formulas such as data analysts, finance or software engineers, it will surely be discovered by the problems of psychological logic psychology. Because, in the test there is a row of numbers that must be understood by the pattern.

You can solve the sequence of numbers through division, multiplication, subtraction, addition, fraction of a number, and also percentage. High focus and concentration are needed when doing this type of problem.

Problems example:

Arithmetic Logic Psychological Test

1 24 20 16 12 = …

Answer: 8

How to answer: subtract each number by 4, then the correct answer is 12-4 = 8

Tips for doing this type of logic test psychological test should look at the whole series of numbers by reading the pattern. The pattern in question can be a grouping of jumps, sequences, or groupings in sequence.

Don’t focus too much on the 2-3 numbers in front because these numbers don’t usually represent well. In addition, do not focus too much on one problem because it is too fun to do it, also remember the specified time limit.

4. Image Logic Psychological Test Image (Reasoning)

This test has a concept with arithmetic logic tests. The difference is the use of media images that use 3 or 2 dimensions. The key to doing this test is concentration, pay close attention to the pattern. Don’t miss the slightest detail, like dot placement or color rotation.

Problems example:

Image Logic Psychological Test Image (Reasoning)

5. Kraeplien / Pauli Test (Newspaper)

The pauli or popular psychological test with a newspaper test is a simple calculation test and can also be said to look rather easy. Your task in carrying out this test is to simply add up rows of numbers from 0-9 arranged vertically.

But, don’t be happy just yet because the numbers that need to be added up are quite a lot. Similar to a sheet of newspaper filled with rows of numbers. This newspaper test is quite tiring and draining concentration because of the large number of rows to be added.

Problems example:

To do this type of test, the key is to do it with your own tempo, don’t be influenced by how to do other people who can make you panic and depressed, don’t be too fast or too slow, and the important thing is to make sure the tempo of the tempo you work on is consistent.

6. Test Drawing People or Drawing Trees

In this psychological test, the examiner will tell you to draw a tree on A4 paper. In this test it is not permissible to draw coconut trees or small plants. The picture of the tree that must be made is a tree that has branches.

Similar to drawing humans, in this test not judged by its beauty, but the examiner will see your character and personality. Especially for the human drawing test, draw a human as proportional as possible as you can with a complete limb and a balanced facial composition.

7. Edwards Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS) Psychological Test

Among the existing psychological tests, the EPPS psychological test can be said to be the easiest test. The purpose of this psychological test is to find out your personality and character in detail.

Although the test is easy, don’t answer randomly. Because what is seen from this test is your consistency in answering questions. Try to answer all the questions in the problem, even if they don’t match personality.

Because there will be many questions that are repeated, it will be detected easily whether you are honest or not when answering them. This stage usually looks at personality and suitability for work. So this test can also be used as a reference as to what the work atmosphere will be from both the culture and the system adopted in the office.

Additional tips understand the jobdesc of the work you are aiming for when working on this problem, then answer according to the personality needed for the job. So that testers can judge that your personality turns out to match the type of work you are after.

Prepare well from the material aspect to the mental and physical
Try not to rush you into learning the types of psychological tests above. At least 1-2 weeks before the date specified on the invitation of the company. Try before you take a calm test so that your concentration does not break. Don’t forget to fill your stomach first before taking the test because the psychological test stage can take a long time and an empty stomach will make you easily tired and eliminate the focus.