The Secret of Conquering the Academic Potential Test

The Secret of Conquering the Academic Potential Test

For those who are pursuing a career, you must have encountered several recruitment processes when registering for civil service or employees at a private company. You may notice that one of the selection stages in the recruitment process is the Academic Potential Test or APT.

Yes, APT can be called one of the tests that must be done by job seekers before being accepted into a company or government institution. In fact, when applying to tertiary institutions, prospective students are also required to take an Academic Potential Test as one of the selection requirements.

Not only in Indonesia, Academic Potential Test is also often applied all over the world. However, at the international level, APT is known as GRE, which stands for Graduate Record Examination. GRE is the equivalent of the applicable APT in Indonesia.

The landfill is a series of tests containing four parts. In each section, there are several different categories of questions, namely, language tests, numerical or numeric tests, drawing tests, and also logic tests.

Of course, the more questions that can be answered, the higher the score the participants will get. However, as time goes by, nowadays Online Academic Potential Test is also available.

Being one of the important requirements in the recruitment process to work and enter college, many people are competing to find ways to get high APT scores.

For that, for those of you who are going to take the Academic Potential Test, see the secrets so that the scores you get are higher. Here’s the review.

7 Secrets to Success in Taking the Academic Potential Test

1. Perform Academic Potential Test Simulation As Often As Possible

Perform Academic Potential Test Simulation As Often As Possible

True to the phrase “the process will not betray results,” you can get high APT scores when you do lots of study and practice. The more often do simulations work on APT, the greater the value that can be obtained.

Usually, you will be given several months before the Academic Potential Test is carried out. For that, use that long time by frequently searching for materials that are usually asked about at the APT. Of course, this will be the main hope of being able to achieve high scores on the Academic Potential Test.

You can buy a book collection of APT questions from a few years earlier in many bookstores. In fact, you can also search for a collection of APT questions on the internet / Examples of Academic Potential Test Questions online which can be obtained free of charge and you can also try out playing here simulation on . However, to make the questions credible, buying a APT simulation book is not a detrimental thing to do.

After getting the test study material, make sure that you study it regularly. If necessary, when you have free time on the weekends, try to simulate an Academic Potential Test.

This is so that you are not surprised by the types of questions that are usually asked at the APT and can develop strategies in working on the questions given efficiently. In addition, you will no longer feel nervous when a real test is carried out. That way, the questions can be done more carefully and get the maximum score.

2. Familiarize yourself with the latest types of academic potential test (APT) questions

Even though it has the same function, namely to find out someone’s academic ability, the Academic Potential Test turns out to have various levels of difficulty, you know! This is because the test administrators are different and have different recruitment goals. Of course, you need to prepare yourself with the possibility of a high level of difficulty in the APT question later.

For example, when working on APT questions organized by Bappenas, the level of difficulty will be different from APT as a requirement for postgraduate study. Therefore, use the time you have to study the characteristics and types of questions that often come out on the Academic Potential Test.

It is also necessary to look for the characteristics of the latest APT questions that are commonly used by selection organizers. This method can provide the minimum score that you must get to be categorized as an applicant who passes the APT selection. So, familiarizing yourself with the latest APT issue is mandatory so that this selection stage can be passed successfully.

3. Strategies for Working on Verbal Category Academic Potential Test Questions

When taking the Academic Potential Test in the verbal category, you are required to answer questions related to a language. Usually, the questions asked are the meaning of a word or proverb, antonyms, synonyms, and so on. Also need to add insight about Indonesian so that the questions in this category can be answered smoothly.

Reading books or news in between the daily activities also needs to be done. That way, you will get a variety of new words and know their meaning. Doing this habit also makes it possible to find words that are rarely used in daily communication activities.

As a result, the ability to do questions in this verbal category will increase significantly. The likelihood of getting a high APT score will be even greater. So, try to study the questions in this verbal category because many consider it the easiest thing than the APT questions in other categories.

4. Strategies for Working on Academic Potential Test Questions in the Numeric Category

As the name implies, APT questions in the numeric category are related to numbers and basic mathematical formulas. This category is often considered a scourge by APT participants and causes the scores to be bad.

However, to get a good APT, you don’t have to first graduate with a math major. As previously explained, the math problems in this category are at a basic level only. So, the questions asked are questions that are usually done by elementary to high school students only.

When working on questions in this category, there are a number of things you need to prepare. One of them is learning how to count fast. Because there is a time limit for working on APT questions, you need to have good numeracy skills so that time does not run out for free for simple calculations.

In addition, the trick to be successful in working on problems in this numeric category is to find questions that are easy and capable of being done. Make sure you do questions that you can actually solve so that you don’t lose your test score by answering them incorrectly. For that, make sure to look at the questions in this category thoroughly before deciding to solve a question.

In doing numerical problems, ability in logic is often influential. If you have good logic skills, it is not impossible that you will find it easy to work on problems in the numeric category. So, do frequent logical thinking exercises so that your Academic Potential Test gets a satisfactory score.

5. Concentration with the category that is being done

As with taking tests or exams in general, you need to focus on these activities completely. The goal is that the concentration is not divided which has the potential to become an obstacle in answering the questions on the test.

Get rid of worries and thoughts that can distract you from your focus when working on APT questions. Also make sure that you choose questions from the easiest and most able to be solved. That way, you won’t run out of time to answer questions that are difficult or that require a long completion process.

6. Get enough rest before the test is carried out

In implementing APT, you are required to answer hundreds of questions within a few hours. During that time, you will endlessly use every cell in your brain to think. For this reason, maintaining body condition in order to stay fit is something that must be done several days before the test is carried out.

Try to get enough rest so that your body is stronger to face the risk of contracting disease. If necessary, take supplements or vitamins to keep them in prime condition until the Academic Potential Test is completed. That way, the test scores obtained will be maximized.

7. Don’t Forget to Pray to Work Smoothly on APT Problems

Apart from a healthy body, you also need to make sure that the mind is in good shape. One way is to pray and ask for the blessing of both parents if possible. That way, you will be better prepared to struggle with APT problems.

Believe it or not, having a calm mind will improve your ability to solve APT questions. Concentration will not be easily broken when you are working on a problem. For that, don’t forget to pray that you can do the Academic Potential Test smoothly and get maximum scores.