5 Tips For Successful Children Doing Online Exams at Home

5 Tips For Successful Children Doing Online Exams at Home

The Covid-19 virus pandemic storm has changed many of the daily routines that people run on a daily basis. No exception also the world of education which feels the impact. Teaching and learning activities have also changed, from what is usually done face-to-face in conventional classes, to online at home.

Students from various levels of education will face online school final exams at the end of this semester. As parents, it is necessary to prepare children to be successful in working on exam questions even though the process is done online at home.

1. Get up on time

Get up on time

Even though all teaching and learning activities and exams are done at home online, discipline is still number one, Ma. Do not let the child wake up late on the day of the online exam.

Establish a habit of waking up on time for the week before online exam day arrives. It can be helped by setting an alarm or waking the child earlier.

2. Do your morning routine as usual

If they wake up on time, they have more opportunities to prepare without rushing. Make sure the child has showered and if necessary, wear neat clothes. Studies have found that bathing and wearing neat clothes can increase enthusiasm for study or work, just like if we really go to school or work.

After bathing and wearing neat clothes, make sure the kids have breakfast, Ma. Even with a piece of bread and a glass of milk, a full stomach has been shown to increase children’s focus on studying and doing exam questions.

3. Set up a comfortable test site

Set up a comfortable test site

Because it is done at home, it doesn’t mean that the test is done haphazardly. Arrange a special place with comfortable tables and chairs, good lighting, and supporting equipment, such as laptops, internet connection and writing equipment.

With a comfortable place for the exam, children can concentrate more on doing the exam without being distracted. If there are other children at home, provide a special place so that the child who takes the exam does not feel disturbed if there is a disturbance.

4. Read carefully the exam instructions

For some children and parents, online exams are new. There are many adjustments that must be made and the rules that must be understood. For example, how to answer multiple questions, what kind of answers are counted valid and which are not, and so on.

For that, it is important to do points number one to three so that both Mama and child have more time to read instructions on how to do questions online. If there are rules that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask the teacher before the online exam starts.

5. Apply discipline

Apply discipline

Even though it is done online at home, discipline in learning must be upheld. Even though there is no teacher who directly supervises them, parents must actively monitor their children’s learning progress at home and do not allow children to cheat. However, what must be understood in this situation is that the learning media has changed from conventional to online, without changing the essence of learning itself.

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This condition may not be easy to live with, Ma, especially for parents who have never been in touch with online learning and its tools. Likewise for parents who have to divide their time between working at home and supervising children who have to study at home as well. However, experience during this pandemic will undoubtedly be useful and provide new insights into the world of education in Indonesia.