How To Answer Interview Aptitude Questions?

How To Answer Interview Aptitude QuestionsTo make it easier for you to understand, I try to identify and classify these issues. categorization was made on the basis of how the answers to these questions can be calculated.

“How CFL in our building? “- questions approach

When this question was asked in an interview with organizations such as Microsoft, Infosys, Google, and many others, most Gape candidates with a stupid smile. They were surprised because we saw that ignorance of the problem, and confused because they can not understand the reasons for these issues. But there are several candidates – selected, the answer to this question with confidence. Why should I use the word trust, right? Because the truth of the answers are rarely important, however, in this case believe that the right approach was developed to get a good answer either. Observe what other candidates have done. They asked a few questions of the interviewer;

“How many floors are there in the building? “

“How many cabin with the existing floor? “

“What is the average size per cell? “

Finally, the response is calculated by taking the size of the interview room, and the number of CFLs in the rooms as a base.

The idea of ​​the largest, most respondents believe that the interview is a process of how the interviewer to ask questions, and candidates must answer when, in fact, the interview is a common discussion process in which candidates and recruiters, tried to explore each other for reasons win-win solution.

In these questions, you should try to ask some questions that are relevant and logical interview. Based on the answers, you can get a logical explanation. So you think the interviewer that she really hoped to observe the right amount of compact fluorescent lamps, using an approach that you try to find a solution.

Aptitude Interview Q&A

What happens next? – 3 7 10 11 12 17? – Questions think demand ‘off-the-box’

Have you ever picked up a pen and a piece of paper, and started to apply various mathematical operators to find the relationship between the figures given above? I know that most people will do the same. This activity usually starts with great enthusiasm, however, did more you hit, the more becomes your disappointment. Immediately your mind starts to doubt the truth of the matter itself.

But let us stop playing with the numbers for a moment and write these numbers as their words.

Three Ten Eleven Twelve Eighteen September 7

The common thing to observe is that all have a common spelling vowel “e”. According to this logic, the series should be:

Three Ten Eleven Twelve Twenty September Seventeen Twenty-three

Now, I certainly do not mean that there is no mathematical solution. It may or may not. Who knows? But the idea is to implement a single logic and give a satisfactory answer, no. And the answer I did. An interesting feature of this is that there may be some logic – people who come to mind. So start scratching your head, and try to find your own logic, but do it quickly, because you may not be able to wait for the answer in a day.