The IELTS Test Mayths You Should Know

The IELTS Test Mayths You Should Know

The IELTS test are regarded as the most authentic, well-structured and well-received ‘United Kingdom. “In actual fact, we have seen more often as” Famous People “famous for being famous. In all areas of life, it is accepted truth that” Fame “follows” evil “of course,” glory “IELTS is not safe for IELTS is not one – the only test of its kind, the battle will win the competition of people around the world “skeptical” -… regardless of literacy, language or discussion thus, rational and analytical to avoid vagrancy.


1. IELTS qualifications with the most difficult courses and indeed IELTS because it isa the most widely accepted test for qualifications “competency candidates in English.” Therefore, in the framework of getting a “good” band score, applicants must have a good preparation. However, it is not compatible with myths. What is supported by the data? Every year, around 2.5 million candidates for this test, do not want From 135 countries around the world, taken from countries that do not support Britain, the percentage of candidates cannot be completely ignored.Thus, the myth is only a rumor and nothing more.

2. It is impossible for non-natives to get good band scores: Again, the data shows. Thousands of young candidates to be approved by the British free country, including India, are up and running every year. Get a higher band candidate 8 / 8.5 or 9 too. So there is no reason to talk about myths.

3. If candidates from home country appear before you get a high score: In general, candidates sit in the middle of the house. However, every country has an IELTS test center. Of course, in this case, the applicant must go to the nearest foreign neighbor’s test center. You can’t take a test for the center, which can make some candidates nervous and unable to do well on the exam. IELTS, but you don’t need to do anything and justice for all. Hundreds of qualified and sincere candidates often appear to work well when checking foreign exchange. Thus, the myth does not apply to candidates who are mentally strong enough to overcome problems.

4. The more you write, the better my score: A very stupid thought. In all pilot questions where the candidate must write the “word boundary” answer is given clearly. Take a little more precisely – compilation of approved questions to answer – I will see relevant instructions, – “he wrote more than three words” Again the instructions given are clear in the case of the writing test task1 – “write to add 150 words” and in the case of Task2 written test – write a minimum of 250 words. Now, if you will lose value you will lose the value of the words “less”. But that doesn’t add value and can instead cause a return value if it succeeds past the 50 word limit, will be returned. Of course, it is no exaggeration to say that little knowledge and belief in myths is spread.

5. If I can laugh the examiner, I did well on the test language – Sorry this is not a circus and you are not a clown. If you appear on a speaking test, be greeted correctly and with a pleasant smile on your face and expect to ask to say “Good morning” / “Good morning,” the examiner can be happy. But he laughed – who did not laugh? The examiner is responsible for verifying the candidate’s expertise in “Oral English” and must wait for candidates who are qualified and serious, not comedians. That kind of idiot “isn’t worth talking about.

6. If I want to go to the United States, I have to speak like an American on an exam: – this is a total mistake. Native Americans have a bias in their own mother tongue, emulating sounds like doing mimicry. A candidate must speak in “English” accent light, perfect and impartial – no need to correct any accent.

7. I always agree with understanding: – Other misunderstandings. During testing, if a candidate has been invited to discuss their opinions on the subject, it is necessary to try to guess “where the opinion will please the examiner.” Reject, he must express an opinion that is justified with supporting reasons. Perfection in sentence composition, accuracy in grammar and spelling and of course the justification of opinions expressed, related to the topic will be reviewed and applicants will be marked accordingly.

8. If I practice the question in advance, only: – Not exactly. Some questions from the previous test can be repeated at any time, but do not have to be accepted as rules and regulations. Practicing using test questions in advance or sample questions, provides the candidate with realistic knowledge about the test and is good for him, but not enough at all. If a candidate considers the issue of the final five tests in a row, he will understand that “myth” is just another misunderstanding and sticking to it can cause bad results.

9. It’s easy to cheat on exams and get good grades – It’s no doubt a very dangerous myth and applicants don’t have to pay attention to it. IELTS tests are designed so that there is no room for cheating. Anyone caught trying to cheat, will be rejected and will not be allowed to carry out further checks. No need to discuss, the view of fraud is a crime and deadlocked. If there is no candidate who instills in his mind that he will remove fraud in the examination, he must try somewhere else.

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Dozens of myths floating in the air. As everywhere, there are small gossip vendors, born for spreading rumors and gossip, some of which affect people’s minds and become myths. Candidates appearing in IELTS are a layer of cream must be students or professionals who roam bright and prosperous future. They must have the direction of rumors of scientific and rational minds and move forward to achieve their dreams.